Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer itinerary, part 2

I should write in this thing more. Too bad it's a rare occurrence for me to come up with something that's actually worth writing about. That's what my journal is for. No one reads it but me, and I don't care if I ramble on and on about nothing (which I do a lot, by the way, as you can probably already see by this point in this particular entry...).

Anyway. I'm actually just bored right now. I realized yesterday that it was the halfway point of summer break. This made me extremely happy. Only 51 more days to go!! Needless to say, with my thrilling summer life, I am definitely ready to get back to Lee. Luckily though, the second half of my summer is supposed to be a little more exciting than the first half. Monday, I'm heading off to work camp for three weeks. That should be fun (albeit potentially awkward. Oh boy. Maybe I'll have something entertaining to write about when I get back, hmm?). After that, Christy and I are trying to work it out so I can go spend a few days in the wonderful world of Nashville with her (with the added bonus of possibly getting to see other friends from Lee? Yes?). My grandparents are also dying for me to come stay a few days at their house, so I'm going to do my best to do that before heading back to school. Oh, and Kristi was going to try to come visit me, too, but I'm not totally sure if that's still going to work out or not... We'll see, I guess. So yeah, I have some things to keep me occupied for the rest of the summer, I think. :)

Yep, lame update. Sorry--I had to cure the boredom somehow.

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