Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick break from thinking

Listening to: "Wondergirl" by Hey Monday
I discovered this band--and this song--when I went to that All Time Low/Yellowcard concert a couple of months ago. I can't help but love it. Catchy songs always get me.* Also, how gorgeous is that sunset?! I saw it a couple of weeks ago when I was camping at the lake with Kristi and her church college group. Sooo many colors--it was absolutely beautiful.

Since I don't feel like taking the time to actually organize my thoughts into a cohesive post, I'm cheating and making a list. (Thank you, bullet points, for letting me be disorganized without looking like it.)
  • Fishing Adventures. If you're ever bored, having a bad day, or just need some entertainment, go fishing with Mike and Jon. I guarantee it will solve any of the above problems. Trust me--I did it for 5 days in a row and have never been more amused in my life. (Having a really bad day? Go to Walmart with Jon beforehand. You will spontaneously buy t-shirts with fishing slogans on them and then attempt to convince him that he should not, in fact, buy a float so he can swim to the middle of the lake and fish off of it.)**
  • Worst. Beach. Ever. For anyone looking to go to the beach anytime soon, here's a hint: don't go to the East Beach at Ft. De Soto in St. Petersburg, FL. While visiting my Floridian family last week, we went to said beach. Upon arriving, we encountered swarms of mosquitoes, murky water, broken up shells that hurt to walk on instead of sand, no waves (unless the occasional boat went by, in which case you might have gotten a splash or two...maybe), and SAND FLEAS. Then it rained. Don't go there.
  • Ecclesiastes 7:14: "When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider this: God has made one as well as the other. Therefore, no one can discover anything about their future."
  • Middle school flashbacks. I discovered a bunch of old CDs in my room from my middle school years (a la Jump5 and Hilary Duff). Naturally, I have proceeded to listen to all of them. In a word: wow (of both the good and bad variety). Is it bad that I still kind of like it?
  • Google+. I like it. It needs a few more features (not including Farmville), but once people actually start using it, I think it'll be really awesome! I'm not quite ready to replace Facebook, but I'm pretty interested to see where Google+ goes. Find me here!
  • Happy birthday to me! I turned 21 on the 3rd. This is still kind of weird to me...
  • BOOKS. While this hasn't exactly been an ideal summer, I have to give it this: I have loved being able to read so much! I've been through so many books in the past 2 months. Kristi loaned me about 6 books when I visited her and I've already finished 4 of them. Not to mention all of the other ones I have on my shelf to reread. Please feel free to send any suggestions my way. I have a whole month to fill and I like reading new things!
On that note, I'm ending this organized-disorganized post. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer! :)

*For more proof of my weakness for catchy music, see bullet point #4...
**Yes, this actually happened, and yes, he was actually serious about it. You're welcome, Jon, for saving you $40+.