Monday, August 3, 2009


I logged onto Myspace a few minutes ago, just for the heck of it. I don't know why I still check it--I never get anything new on there anymore. This time, however, I had both a new friend request and a new message. Friend request was irrelevant. The message... Um. See for yourself:
Subject: Because breaking up is hard to do...
Message:after a "rigorously" brief overview of your profile, I jsut wanted to let you know that I've already married and divorced you in my mind..thanks for all the wonderful imaginary memories, you will always have a special place in my heart :)

your ex hubby

ps, you can have the dog and I will take the house in hawaii :)
pps, if you don't laugh, then its not funny, lol.

Umm.. Thank you? I've never seen this guy before in my life. Apparently, my profile re-publicized itself after I set it to private (this has since been fixed). But really, this guy needs to work on his pickup technique. A few points he should have considered:

#1: The obvious: It's MYSPACE. Enough said.

#2: Punctuation and capitalization are valuable.

#3: You don't know me, nor do you have any connection to me whatsoever. This, added with point #1, is kind of a major deal-breaker. It also adds to your creeper factor by a lot.

#4: If you are trying to hit on a girl, why would you tell her that you've divorced her in your mind already? That really gives her hope for the longevity of the potential relationship, don't you think?

#5: I better be getting a whole lot more than just the dog.

This gives me an idea: I should write a book for guys on how to go about their relationships with girls! I mean, I have plenty of real-life examples to use. I think it would have the potential to be a bestseller.

P.S. I found new music! Ever heard of Blake Aaron Guthrie? He's kind of like a Matt Wertz/Dave Barnes mix. I found him while randomly clicking around on NoiseTrade (I love that site). You can get his Love in Different Lights EP on there for free. Just FYI. :)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Almost there!!

Listening to: Check Yes, Juliet by We the Kings

Guess what? Two weeks from now, I won't be sitting in this chair. Or be in this room. Or this house. Or city. Or state.


For real, I can't wait to get back to Lee. I have already decided that sophomore year is going to be awesome. Even better than freshman year (which was pretty amazing). More friends, more adventures, better food (I think that, even with my limited cooking skills, I can still do better than the dining hall. However, that will be an adventure in itself, I'm sure)... Oh, and I'm sure there will be more awkwardness, too, but that's just by virtue of it being part of my life. Yeah--I am pretty excited!!

Oh yeah, I got a new camera yesterday. My dad accidentally broke my old one while we were at the Grand Canyon back in June, and it was kinda lame anyway, so he got me a new one. Yesss. It's a Sony CyberShot (which we got a pretty good deal on, thankfully, so we didn't pay the price listed), so all my new collegiate adventures will hopefully be captured in much better quality. :)

P.S. I still haven't come up with a name for the new camera yet. It needs one fast before one of the guys decides to name it. Last semester's open dorm night is proof enough that this is something that doesn't need to happen again ("My Butt" the puffer fish, anyone?).