Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday cake and camp food

Hi. It's my birthday today.

As strange as it is to think that I'm nineteen, what's really getting me is the fact that I only have a year to go until I hit twenty. Whoa. How the heck did I get this far in life already...? Half the time, I feel like I should still be in sixth grade or something (though I am immensely thankful that I am, in fact, not still in sixth grade. Once was enough).

Aaaaanyway. I spent Monday through Thursday working week numero uno of camp. Usually, working camp is fun and one of the highlights of my year. This camp was more like going through purgatory. For one thing, I get there, and the only people I know are a couple of guys that I met last year. Don't get me wrong—I love those guys, and I was really, really glad to see them. However, considering I had to share a cabin with girls, it would have been nice to see a familiar female face around. (Eventually, I did find two girls that I knew, but it didn't matter all that much because they were in different cabins.) Strike one. Strike two, I discover that I have been assigned to kitchen staff, which was entirely unexpected. And, okay, being on kitchen staff equals a ton of work and getting up a whole lot earlier than everyone else. Honestly, I don't mind the work, but (and this brings me to strike number three) if you don't have a good group to work with, you have a 75% chance of committing suicide before the week is over. Luckily, I was in the other 25%, but I won't say I didn't consider it! Everyone on this kitchen staff fell into one of three categories: #1, I completely disliked them (and I do mean completely. That's saying something, coming from me), #2, I liked them well enough, but I didn't really "click" with them that well (lack of things in common, I don't know. Of course, it's possible that this could change), or #3, they were pretty cool, but happened to be a guy who was like, obsessed with me, and was really overbearing about it. Considering I was stuck (really—stuck) with these people for about 12 hours out of every day...yeah. It got so bad, especially with those obsessive guys. I honestly almost cried one day. I felt harassed and totally trapped, because I could not get away from them. It was miserable. This on top of the fact that I hardly ever got to see my friends from last year (who I actually like) AND that I barely got any interaction with the kids (aside from the endless, "Chocolate or white?" Gotta love USDA, requiring us to force every single person to take a milk)... It was bad.

That being said, the next two weeks should be a whole lot better. I specifically requested to not be on kitchen staff, so hopefully that will be granted. Also, some of my other friends from last year who didn't work this past week are supposed to be coming back for next week, so I'll get to see them. :)

Stay tuned—you never know what interesting stories may pop up. This is my life, after all.

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