Friday, June 1, 2012

So, I like a lot of things...

Apparently, I like a lot of things. I should just start a series of posts chronicling them all. Maybe this will become a once-a-week thing (except I need to come up with new stuff to say in between...). We'll see. For now:

Evernote. I love Evernote. I use it for absolutely everything. Seriously.
  • Class notes
  • Blog posts that I like (via ifttt--another handy online tool)
  • Recipes
  • Blog post ideas (everything you see here begins there)
  • Random ideas that come to mind
  • DIY stuff
  • Clips of interior design inspiration
  • Graphic design inspiration
  • Important information to remember
  • Random stupid stuff I have nowhere else to store
  • PDFs--that way, they take up zero space on my computer
It's awesome. I have a couple of folders that I share with people (very useful when you've already taken a class and a friend is missing some notes), and of course, being me, I have everything organized as much as humanly possibly, making it all super easy to find. Best part: it syncs everything between your computer, phone, and online. If you make a change on one, it changes it on all of them. Basically, you can access all of your information from literally anywhere. Love. It.*

Fireflies. One of my new favorite things to do: sit on my back patio in the evening and watch HUNDREDS of fireflies light up the yard. So, so amazing. One of the many reasons to love summertime.

Ridiculous real-life quotes. Guys. My life is so ridiculous sometimes. Oh, the things I hear and see… I finally started keeping a list (in Evernote, of course). I can't share all of them**, but here's a few anonymous mentionables (I promise all of these are real and said in all seriousness. The people weren't trying to be funny):
"If you come in my house and shoot me, I'm gonna be real mad. If you shoot me and kill me, though, I'm gonna be real, REAL mad."
* * *
In my Environmental Science class...  
Professor: "So what about the California ecosystem, around LA? What do think of?"
Student: "The Hollywood sign?"
* * * 
While watching a video in class of a guy free diving:
Student: "How do we see him if he's underwater? Does he have a camera?"
* * *

Overhearing a waitress at IHOP...
"I was out in New Mexico, working with that Mayan calendar. It was jumping around and I was trying to get it under control and before, I knew it, I'd eaten a whole bag of Doritos."
* * * 

Hence why I both love and hate people simultaneously. 

Iced coffee. Cannot get enough. I like hot coffee, too, but if ever given the choice (midwinter or not), I will almost always go for iced. So wonderful. I found some iced latte mix packets from International Delight that are pretty good--just mix it into your milk, add ice (if you want) and go. They're fairly cheap, too. I'm a fan.

Apartment Therapy. Best design blog ever. (Okay, I'd probably say that about a lot of blogs…but for real, this one is awesome.) Lots of advice and lots and lots of inspiration. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy
Yes? Yes.

So, what things have you been liking lately? Please share--I need entertainment this summer!

*I am aware that I sound like an Evernote commercial. Unintentional. I really do just love it that much.
**This includes some of the best, unfortunately. If you're really interested, talk to me--I might be willing to share outside the public blogosphere ;)

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