Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks, God.

I'm thankful for my little brother's random humor, my mom's listening ear, and my dad's corny jokes. I'm thankful for meteor showers and mountain air and laughing under the stars. For incredible friends who are there to keep me smiling, even through the hardest times, and who keep loving me, even after seeing the good and the bad in me. For hiking and Owl City and driving with the windows down. For acoustic guitars and waterfalls and Steak 'n Shake runs after midnight. I'm thankful for the fact that I can write cliché "thankful" blog posts and feel okay about it. :) I'm thankful for autumn leaves and how they blow around and crunch under my feet, for Christmas lights, the color green, and warm, fuzzy blankets. For songs that describe my life to me, rainy days, and giant bear hugs. For violins and good movies and long conversations about nothing in particular. I'm thankful for late-night adventures and old friends and meeting new people.

I'm thankful for the difficult times because I've learned to fully trust.
I'm thankful for Your amazing, amazing love.
I'm thankful for knowing that there's a point to everything that happens in my life, and that You are going to walk through all of it with me.

Thanks, God. :)

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