Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ping pong and patience

Listening to: Unsaid by The Fray

You know, I kind of forgot how much my life at home revolves around church. So different from my life at school. It's kind of amusing, really. Gotta love being a PK.

Anyway. So tonight, I re-realized just how much I love my friends here...and what it's like being the only girl around. (It's no wonder I was going crazy my first few days of college, not knowing any guys!) It was just a good night overall. Nothing terribly spectacular, just good. It was nice to talk to Chad again, laugh at Keith and Elijah's jokes, play ping pong (I don't know why I don't play at school more often--it's so fun), etc. I guess I've missed them more than I realize. I think I take them for granted sometimes, and I really shouldn't. In a way, they're like a part of my family. So in that sense, I'm kind of glad to be at home for the summer. They've started The C.R.E.W. (our drama team) up again, and I am really excited to get to help out with that! Obviously, it would be kind of pointless for me to re-join the team (though they asked me to), but I am totally up for helping out with it. I seriously miss doing dramas. It was such a huge part of my life during high school. Oh, changes.

I like when God speaks to me through other people. Mr. Larry taught the youth group's lesson tonight, and it was so relevant to me, though not in the way he intended. He talked about David, and how even though he had been anointed as king, he didn't immediately try to jump into it. He just continued where God had placed him for the time--as a shepherd--and stayed faithful to that. Even though he knew he was supposed to be king, he still waited for God to open up a way for him to get there when it was the right time. That was a good reminder for me that God's timing is best, and sometimes, I have to wait for the things that I want. I just have to be patient and accept where He has me right now. Everything else will come in time, when I'm ready for it. If I try and rush things, I'll end up screwing the whole thing up (and trust me, I'm pretty good at doing that). I just need to focus on who God wants me to be and what He wants me to do now, and leave my future up to Him. That's so hard for me, especially in this particular situation, when everything is so uncertain. Patience is not exactly my greatest strength (my roommate can attest to this), but God seems pretty bent on teaching it to me, so I guess the sooner I learn, the better. :)

By the way, I just discovered the above song ("Unsaid" by The Fray) hiding on my computer and listened to it for the first time today. I like those random discoveries, especially for songs like this. Good song.

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