Monday, May 14, 2012

(More) Things I Like

I am long overdue for a "Things I Like" post. Here's some things that I've been liking a lot lately!

  • "In Christ, urgent means slow…" Some good things to remember here. I've made a bad habit of getting caught up in the busyness of life that I forget what's most important. It's cliche to say, I know, but to really live it is difficult--and more necessary than we know.  
  • Pure Home.  OH MY GOSH, this site is amazing! One of the coolest home decor sites ever. You pick your style, your mood, and your room, and it helps you choose your colors and accessories. Seriously, go check it out. 
  • Kohl's frames. Kohl's has been having some crazy good sales on their home decor and such. I got a $40 set of 6 (really nice) frames for $13, a $50 6-frame photo ledge set for $10 (and used Kohl's cash so essentially got it for free), and this wonderful (and oh-so-me!) bird-and-branches frame for $7:

I might have a slight obsession with frames.
And pictures. The more, the merrier (until you
can't see your walls--then it might be a problem)!
  • This print. So cute.
via Handz Etsy shop
  • This fun workspace. 
(via Lovely Undergrad)
  • Cubicle shelving. Currently wanting one of these in black.
(via Lovely Undergrad)
  • Log planter! How cool would it be to DIY one of these with a real log?
(via Pure Home)
  • A photo book of Instagrams. Love this idea.
(via That's Happy)
  • "Vergangenheit (Loss)" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I love this poem. I can relate to it so very well, and can attest that this is true:
"That which is past will return to you again
as your life's most living strain,
through thanks and repentance.
Lay hold on God's forgiveness in the past,
pray that He will care for you this day and to the last."

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