Monday, March 26, 2012

My Life in Instagrams

Listening to: "Safe & Sound" by Taylor Swift (from The Hunger Games soundtrack!)
(Yes, I have jumped on The Hunger Games bandwagon. The books are great, minus the ending, and the movie was pretty good too. I went to the midnight premiere with Mike, Chris, & Elyssa, which was a first for me, but it was fun.) 

Once again, my life in a word: BUSY. Other possibilities include stressed, overwhelmed, and DONE. (Basically, I have senioritis big time.) I'm actually supposed to be researching for a presentation, along with applying for grad school, so I'm going to make my procrastination break quick and update you on my life via pics. It's kind of a sporadic list, but hey, better than nothing, right? (You can click on the pics to make them bigger if you like.)

I've been getting plenty of use out of my Eno that I got for
Christmas! We've had such perfect hammocking weather lately.
I was even interviewed by the Chattanooga Times Free Press
about it when I was laying out in Schimmels Park the other day.
Mike, Darren, & I decided to go canoeing over spring break.
We rented them for 4 hours, and then discovered that the giant
lake was more like a medium-sized pond...
The Kentucky half of spring break consisted of 5 inches of
snow. Random. But really beautiful!
Environmental Science has definitely proved to be my most
entertaining class, for various reasons. I'll have to share a few
quotes sometime. The labs are fun though. Last week, we went
wading in a creek to catch fish. The outfit choices were
quite fashionable, as you can see here.

Another reason to enjoy Environmental: for another lab, we
got to go hiking to see this. FOR CLASS.
I have become addicted to smoothies lately. I've been creating
all sorts of combinations. I've also discovered that you can add
fresh spinach to anything and you cannot taste it. Case in point:
I made some iced coffee the other day and blended it in. Yum.
I FINALLY got around to reading The Hunger Games trilogy.
I know everyone on the planet is talking about them right now,
but they really are good. The movie was pretty good, too. It
could've been better, but I thought they did a pretty good job
at sticking to the storyline (the changes were minor details,
people. Minor details. Calm down).

I've been spending some late nights at IHOP lately. Like right
now. Ugh. Fortunately, my waitress likes to give me what she
refers to as "crack." Basically: doubly strong iced coffee with
a shot of espresso, plus extra flavored syrup and enough sugar
that it's too sweet for me. That's saying something. Trust me.
Spring has sprung! It's so beautiful outside these days. So
many flowers and leaves and just GREEN! I love it.
Pretty, pretty rainbow I saw yesterday. It was so big & bright!
You could see every single color so clearly. I love it.
Spending a lot of time with this guy lately. He's pretty cool,
I guess (see picture). I kinda like him. ;)
Well, that's my life lately. It really is good, just ridiculously busy. I've never been so ready to graduate! Anyway, I better get back to researching for a presentation I have tomorrow, so until next time, enjoy the pictures, at least!

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