Tuesday, July 13, 2010


"When did I arrive?
I don't recall ever leaving Alaska
Why do I hate the dark when I'm alone?
I was on my way
To a brighter day I'm still chasing around
But somehow, I believe that this is home
It's so good to be home."
- "Alaska" by Sky Sailing

Oh my gosh. I love this song so much. The new Sky Sailing album, An Airplane Carried Me to Bed, is amazing. The combination of Adam Young's voice and lyrics with an acoustic guitar and piano is making me really, really happy right about now.

Check: http://bit.ly/aKOkn4
Oh, and for a clip of "Alaska": http://bit.ly/cccPxd

Yeah. My idea of awesome.

In other news, I'm going to Nashville(ish) in about a week, meaning I probably get to see Mike & Audrey! Yay! I'm kiiiiinda excited.

P.S. 5:19! :)

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