Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's a list!

1. I really should be studying right now. Like, really. I have three exams tomorrow (one in every class), none of which I'm all that prepared for. However, I'm staying true to form and procrastinating like no one else can.

2. Speaking of procrastinating, I spent a fascinating three hours last night looking at the Bob Jones University website. (I was supposed to be writing a 4-page paper that was due today.) All I can say is, I'm glad I was always a normal homeschooler and was not forced to attend a school like that. I would be the most rebellious student there. No? Check out the "student expectations." Um, this is college. Aren't we supposed to be adults?

3. Today is the most gorgeous day ever, all of my friends are sitting outside...and I have to be inside studying. UGH.

4. I might be going camping this weekend. I'm pretty excited. It should definitely be an interesting experience. (Think: me, Christy[?], Kristi, Mike, Tuna, and Johnnie; a tent, s'mores, and lots of outdoorsy-ness. Yes, interesting.)

5. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate statistics?

6. I have my schedule figured out for next semester! I think, at least. Marriage & Family, Social Psychology, Sociology, Ethics, Benevolence, and MY LAST SEMESTER OF SPANISH!!! (I'm trying to make up for the horrible boringness of this semester with the two especially interesting psych classes. I'm excited.)

7. To everyone who keeps asking: I am not going to the Sadie Hawkins. I don't ask guys out, and I don't support Greek clubs. Thanks. :)

Enough of the listing. Back to work!

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